Claustrophobia is a particular phobia of tight, enclosed, or crowded areas. An individual with claustrophobia experiences intense concern and anxiousness when triggered. This will result in avoidance of conditions which will set off the concern and have damaging results on high quality of life, together with avoiding some healthcare procedures.

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Which means

Claustrophobia is a sort of particular phobia. Particular phobias are categorised as anxiousness issues within the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5). A selected phobia is an intense and irrational concern of one thing that doesn’t pose any hazard.

For somebody with claustrophobia, this implies experiencing intense and irrational concern in a confined or crowded state of affairs that’s, in any other case, secure.

In case you have claustrophobia, know that you’re not alone. Roughly 7.4% of individuals will expertise a particular phobia similar to claustrophobia of their lifetime.

Anybody of any age can develop claustrophobia, however there are some elements that can heighten your danger. Particular phobias, together with claustrophobia, are extra frequent in girls. A 1987 research of 40 folks with claustrophobia recognized 20 years as the typical age of onset, however extra analysis is required to substantiate that.

Claustrophobia Triggers

Claustrophobia triggers can embody:


Claustrophobia signs overlap with different anxiousness dysfunction signs. Nonetheless, the hot button is that claustrophobia signs are triggered by publicity to a crowded, enclosed, or confined state of affairs.

Claustrophobia signs embody:

  • Issue respiratory
  • Trembling
  • Sweating
  • Tachycardia
  • Dry mouth
  • Chest ache
  • Extreme and overwhelming concern and anxiousness
  • Worry of shedding management
  • Intense need to flee

Individuals with claustrophobia usually perceive that their response is irrational, however really feel unable to manage their response. They might start to keep away from conditions that they consider set off their claustrophobia, which could imply refusing to drive, fly in an airplane, use a public restroom, experience in an elevator, or numerous different triggers.

Over time, this avoidance, along with the bodily and emotional signs, can have a major impairment of day by day life.


Scientists are not sure of the precise causes of claustrophobia, which doubtless differ from individual to individual. There are, nevertheless, a number of theories on the causes of particular phobias, and claustrophobia specifically.

Particular phobias, similar to claustrophobia, are related to overactivation of sure mind areas. These embody the amygdala, left insula, proper thalamus, and cerebellum.

Childhood Trauma

Traditionally, psychological well being professionals believed that environmental habituation elements, similar to childhood trauma, result in claustrophobia. This might embody experiences like being trapped in a confined area, bullying, or abuse.

Close to Area Notion

Claustrophobia may additionally be attributable to perceptual variations in close to area, which you would possibly consider as your “private area” or “private bubble.” A 2011 research discovered that individuals with bigger close to areas reported greater charges of claustrophobia. That is doubtless associated to the defensive perform of close to area.


There additionally could also be a genetic trigger behind claustrophobia. A 2013 research discovered {that a} mutation of the GPM6A gene is extra frequent in people with claustrophobia.


Claustrophobia will be recognized by a main care physician or by way of a referral to a psychiatrist.

In case you are experiencing concern or anxiousness that’s disrupting your day by day life, deliver it up along with your physician.

To diagnose claustrophobia, your physician will ask you some questions on your social historical past. These questions might help determine or rule out associated issues similar to social anxiousness dysfunction, post-traumatic stress dysfunction, or panic dysfunction.

There aren’t any bodily or laboratory checks for claustrophobia, however your physician would possibly administer standardized evaluations and questionnaires. These might embody the Spielberger psychology questionnaire, the Claustrophobia Scale, or the Claustrophobia Questionnaire (CLQ).

To be recognized with claustrophobia, your physician should discover that you simply meet the DSM-5 requirements for particular phobia.


You will need to search therapy for claustrophobia with a purpose to get again to dwelling your life to its fullest. Therapy strategies embody psychotherapy, remedy, publicity remedy, digital actuality, and different therapies.

Cognitive Behavioral Remedy (CBT)

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is a central therapy of claustrophobia and different particular phobias and anxiousness issues. In CBT, you might be taught to grow to be conscious of your ideas and reactions, and positively change your behaviors.

A 2001 randomized managed trial discovered that 5 classes of CBT was efficient at clinically enhancing claustrophobia signs, and that advantages had been maintained on the one yr mark. A 2008 case research discovered that CBT helped a claustrophobic affected person with most cancers higher address claustrophobic conditions similar to MRI and radiography.


Along with CBT, remedy is a therapy choice for claustrophobia. Your physician would possibly advocate anxiousness medicines, similar to benzodiazepines, selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), oral hydrocortisone, Paxil (paroxetine), or Lexapro (escitalopram). Of those medicine, benzodiazepines are mostly prescribed for folks with a particular phobia.

Earlier than beginning a brand new remedy, focus on your present medicines, nutritional vitamins, and dietary supplements along with your physician to determine and keep away from any potential interactions.

Publicity Remedy

Exposure therapy is a typical therapy for particular phobias like claustrophobia. In publicity remedy, you might be uncovered to the triggering stimulus, which for these with claustrophobia could be a confined, enclosed state of affairs.

By way of confronting the horrifying stimulus as an alternative of avoiding it, you study coping mechanisms. By way of publicity, the mind may very well rewire concern pathways. A 2007 research discovered that publicity remedy normalized the over-activation within the amygdala amongst members with particular phobias.

A randomized managed trial discovered that not solely was publicity remedy efficient at clinically enhancing claustrophobia, nevertheless it was corresponding to CBT (80% publicity remedy group scientific enchancment in comparison with 79% CBT group).

Digital Actuality

Digital actuality (VR) is one other approach to have interaction in publicity remedy for claustrophobia. VR entails utilizing a computer-generated surroundings to simulate a claustrophobia state of affairs. One instance is the “Claustrophobia Sport,” developed and studied in 2018, which has each MRI and elevator situations.

VR is beneficial as it’s secure, and therapy situations are simply managed by the clinician. Nonetheless, VR methods can be costly and inaccessible to some.

Analysis does assist using digital actuality in treating claustrophobia, though extra analysis is required. A 2000 research of 4 members with claustrophobia discovered that after eight VR publicity classes, all members had decreased concern, decreased avoidance, and improved self-efficacy in claustrophobia conditions.


Hypnosis could also be an efficient different therapy for claustrophobia though it has not been extensively studied.

In hypnosis, you might be guided right into a trance-like state by a licensed hypnotherapy skilled. On this state, you might be extremely suggestible.

Amongst folks with claustrophobia, hypnosis has largely been studied in relation to MRIs. An MRI is a protracted, enclosed tube that induces claustrophobia in many individuals. Avoiding MRI use can have damaging well being penalties.

A 1990 research discovered that medical hypnosis enabled 10 sufferers with claustrophobia to finish an MRI process. A 1999 case research additionally discovered that hypnosis enabled a affected person to finish an MRI process with out claustrophobia.

A Phrase From Verywell

For those who solely expertise signs when uncovered to a claustrophobic state of affairs, like a crowded elevator or closet, then you definately would possibly suppose the best resolution is to keep away from these triggers. Sadly, avoidance can have a profound damaging affect in your life, and extended avoidance can really worsen signs.

By avoiding claustrophobic conditions, you would possibly give up driving or using public transport, or refuse to fly. You may additionally discover it distressing or refuse to bear vital medical procedures like MRIs or radiography. Avoiding these conditions can restrict your life and affect your well being.

Know that many individuals expertise a phobia throughout their lifetime. Therapy is out there for claustrophobia. In case your signs are impacting your day by day life, discuss to your physician about choices.


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