Marilyn was diagnosed with autism at age 2. Marilyn started talking before 2 but our milestone stops after getting her 18 months shot. I will talk about it later. I started realizing that Marilyn had auditory processing disorder when at age 5.I kind of realized that she was not responding well enough to communicate and understanding the message I was translating to her.I got her hearing test at least 5 times and her results came up perfectly okay.I was convinced there was something wrong but the doctors and all the professionals assured me that my daughter could hear just fine.
These are the symptoms Marilyn had :
1.Marilyn Didn’t seem to hear or listen (this was intermittent).

2. I had to have the same information repeated to Marilyn over and over before she could begin to comprehend.

3. Marilyn appeared to have difficulty concentrating also became irritated in the presence of background noise.

4. Marilyn may process all the parts of the message but get the information confused or out of sequence.” She could sing all the words in a song ”

5. Marilyn reacted negatively to noise that caused her physical discomfort or pain may do some of the following: She would Scream and throw herself on the floor (drowns out the noise), hit/attack the person responsible for the noise (which could be the speaker’s voice), attack objects that produce noise (TV’s, CD players, telephone, etc…)and attempt to destroy them, place hand over-ears (with or without screaming), or yell at you or react with hostility(Compulsive disorder)that was something she would repeat over and over again.

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This is Marilyn’s 8th birthday